Wie man ein illustriertes Inventar für das Management erstellt?

Abhängig von der Anzahl der ausgewählten Artikel kann das PC-Inventar sehr detailliert sein und enthält sehr viele Informationen, die nur Sysadmins oder andere Mitglieder der IT-Mitarbeiter nützlich oder wichtig finden können. Im Folgenden wird beschrieben, wie man die Informationen, die das Management aus dieser Datenmasse interessieren kann, "versteckt" und wie man es in einer leicht verdaulichen Form präsentiert.

Creating a list to be printed

First, let's select those 2 or 3 categories from the inventory, which are relevant for the decision makers. We can do this in Audit Manager.

To get a clear, to-the-point list without unnecessary items, filter the content so that only the items required for the management report remain visible in Audit Manager. To do so, select the list called "List 4 (Computer)” then, in case the list has not been refreshed automatically, click “Refresh”.

Now select Report / Quick report – List 4 (Computer) and, for example, MHTML, as it is the most "spectacular" yet simple report format.

After the report has been created, we will see its preview, which can be saved to a file, sent in email to any email address or printed.

This is how the printed report will look like:

Creating diagrams

In Audit Manager, we can see a summary table of the whole PC fleet, showing the distribution of various components in the network. Using the table, we can determine how uniform or heterogeneous the hardware and software environment of PCs connected to the company network is. By right-clicking the name of the group of items, we can create diagrams to make the inventory report more illustrative.

The above diagram shows the distribution of operating systems on the company network.